MYDRY underarm pads…

…Your perfect protection.

Trust our underarm pads and go relaxed through the day. The MYDRY underarm pads are easy to stick, invisible to wear and give you protection for 24 hours. Get back the feeling of being able to lift your arms at all times.

Why suffer?

Simply use MYDRY underarm pads against sweat stains.

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Buy 20 pieces of MYDRY underarm pads for 4,99€.

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Because sweating interferes.

Treat yourself to MYDRY underarm pads.


MYDRY underarm pads support you in everyday life and help you stay relaxed – whether you are looking for a warm hug, waving or in a presentation.

Sweating in the office

No more sweat stains during a meeting with customers, colleagues or suppliers. Steer their attention back on your work for 100%.

MYDRY underarm pads office meeting

Sweating on stage

Now is your great appearance. Whether at a wedding, a family celebration or a performance in front of an audience, you remain safe and relaxed. So you stay calm, use MYDRY underarm pads.

MYDRY underarm pads wedding

Sweating in stress situations

You can easily sweat during exams and the visible sweat stains are embarrassing. Stop this deflection quickly and easily with MYDRY underarm pads.
MYDRY underarm pads university

Sweating after the sport

You suffer under the famous strong sweating after the sport. Prevent sweating in the armpit area and enjoy the time after the sport.

Sweating in special situations

You need to bring maximum performance. Use MYDRY underarm pads to keep your concentration where it is needed.

MYDRY helmet car


Easy to use, removable without residue, without additives.

Sweat invisible.

Live better.

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